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G-Bt12: Dragon King's Awakening

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Air Elemental, Bluroon - G-BT12/104EN - C
Card Effect: [AUTO](RC):When your opponent's deck is shuffled due to the effect of one of your opponent's cards, until end of turn, this unit gets [Power]+5000, and "[CONT](RC/GC):Resist". (This card is from all clans and nations.) | Card Number: G-BT12/104EN | Clan: Cray Elemental | Critical: 1 | Grade / Skill: 2 | Name: Air Elemental, Bluroon | Nation: | Power: 9000 | Race: Elemental | Rarity: C | Shield: 5000 | Trigger: | Unit: Normal Unit | Set Name: G Booster Set 12: Dragon King's Awakening Finish: |
G-Bt12: Dragon King's Awakening: No conditions in stock. $0.16
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Battle Sister, Baumkuchen - G-BT12/029EN - R
Card Effect: [AUTO]:[Choose a grade 3 card with "Battle Sister" in its card name from your hand, and reveal it] When this unit is placed on (RC) from hand, you may pay the cost. If you do, search your deck for up to one grade 3 card with "Battle Sister" in its card name, reveal it, put it into your hand,