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Rampage of the Beast King

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Acorn Master - BT07/058EN - C
Card Effect: [AUTO]:When another rides this unit, you may call this card to (RC). [ACT](RC):[Counter-Blast 1 & Put this unit into your soul] Look at up to five cards from the top of your deck, search for up to one grade 3 or greater from among them, reveal it to your opponent, put it into your hand, and shuffle your deck. | Card Number: BT07/058EN | Clan: Great Nature | Critical: 1 | Finish: | Grade / Skill: 0 | Name: Acorn Master | Nation: Zoo | Power: 4000 | Race: High Beast | Rarity: C | Set Name: Shield: 10000 | Trigger: | Unit: Normal Unit |
Rampage of the Beast King: Near Mint $0.16 x 2
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Alarm Chicken - BT07/062EN - C